The first blog from the travel troll! I started my round trip journey in Norway at a place called “the top of Norway – Elveseter. This place is something quite extraordinary, as Elveseter is an old farm situated in Bøverdalen valley, in Lom County. Surrounded by glaciers, craggy peaks and huge mountain massifs, you will find the valley that is one of the country’s most exciting areas. However, more than a story about a Farm and the valley, the story about Elveseter is the story about a family of gifted craftsmen and pioneers in the hotel and leisure industry, who dared to think differently and succeed. One of the characteristics of Elveseter is the use of names and symbology from the ancient Norse Mythology. Names as Midgard, Utgard, Tor and Odin makes history come alive and creates a bridge to modern time. A place well worth a visit!

Top of Norway Elveseter

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