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Since the launch of the first Venture Norway manual in 2004, our Venture series has been an unqualified success
with tour operators. The Venture manual offers an easy and beautiful overview of a country. By popular demand
among tour operators we are proud to present the third edition of ‘Venture Denmark’.
‘Venture Denmark’ aims to provide you with all the information you need as to what Denmark has to offer. The
product manual describes the regional and local attractions of Denmark, each with its unique appeal.
‘Venture Denmark’ is distributed free of charge to tour operators, incentive offices and travel agencies worldwide
with an interest in Denmark as a tourist destination. In addition to distribution at trade fairs and conferences, the
manual will also be sent to domestic tour operators and agents.
Venture Denmark
a product manual for the tourism industry
Espen Edvardsen
Publisher & Chairman of the Board, Horn International AS
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