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Dear receiver – you are holding in your hand, the 11th edition of the exclusive Venture Norway product
manual. This publication is free to receive for travel agents and tour operators all around the world.
Please do not hesitate to require more free copies from us; email us at
The sole purpose of this publication is to acquaint tour operators, travel agents and others involved in
the tourism industry with the “product”: Norway, one of the truly great tourist destinations, and truly a
land for all seasons.
“Venture Norway” aims to provide you with all the information you need as to what Norway has to offer.
The product manual describes, county by county, the regional and local attractions of Norway, each with
its unique appeal.
For those of you who have yet to make the discovery, we hope this manual will help you appreciate just
how much our country has to offer, and just how eagerly the companies presented in this manual are
preparing to welcome the visitors you send here.
Venture Norway
a product manual for the tourism industry
Espen Edvardsen
Publisher & Chairman of the Board, Horn Media Group AS
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