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The National Tourist Routes are eighteen beautiful stretches of
road through the best Norwegian nature has to offer. Courageous
architecture at specially designed stops afford travel a new dimension.
From the Arctic Sea in the North to the lush land-scape of Jæren in
the south. A trip along National Tourist Routes in Norway is a trip
where landscape and road history meet the traces of our time.
Architecture with exciting shapes and startling solutions continue to
appear along the National Tourist Routes. Exclusively designed picnic
spots, lay-bys and parking areas. In quiet harmony or in sharp contrast
to the landscapes and surroundings, the architecture contributes
towards giving each stretch of road a special identity. The effort has
already attracted domestic and international attention and recognition.
Beautiful, spectacular and varied natural surroundings are the
cornerstone of the National Tourist Route attraction. With mountains,
fjords, waterfalls and the coast in supporting roles. A trip that offers
tourists world-class experiences of nature. The architecture is not
intended to compete with nature, but to reinforce the experience of
Norway outdoors.
The drive should exceed expectations. The actual drive and view from the
car window, with breaks at specially designed picnic spots and lookout
points, is a goal unto itself. The National Tourist Routes offer a quiet trip
along by-roads, far from the hustle and bustle of the main roads.
Traces of our time
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