Venture Norway 13 - page 9

Internationally renowned art will also find its place along the National
Tourist Routes. World-renowned artist Louise Bourgeois` and architect Peter
Zumthors`s monument in Vardø, The Steilneset Memorial, bears witness to
inhumanity during the 1600s. Knut Wold’s rock sculpture has become the symbol
of the Sognefjell Tourist Route. Several other artists have also been hired.
Resonating history, the Tourist Routes meander through ages and epochs. In the
interface between old cultural landscapes, modern art and architecture, the National
Tourist Route attraction communicates new stories and traces of our times.
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Photo: Per Kollstad. Architect: Todd Saunders
Photo: Per Kollstad. Architect: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter AS
Photo: Hugo Fagermo. Architect: Code arkitektur as
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