Hello friends! I have just checked in at Risvær Brygger on Risvær – a former fishing village on an island-pair in Vågan municipality in stunning and beautiful Lofoten.
For booking, please click here: http://risvaerbrygger.no/?id=1953734075
Risvær Brygger consists of 6 freehold cabins. In the «main house» they have two apartments with three bedrooms. The apartments can also be opened up, and turned into one large apartment. ( could be practical if my cousin Yarak shows up, since he weighs in at about 1290 lbs even before dinner )
The islands are populated with holiday homes and mainly inhabited only in summer. The area is characterized by good weather and a stunning view of the western fjord, surrounded by mountains of Lofoten and Hamarøya the horizon. From Risvær Brygger is Svolvaer city – with its own airport – just 30 minutes away.
For activities, I will as always try them all:
Killer whales watching ( they share almost the same language as us trolls! )
Snorkeling Experience – if they can find a diving mask small enough for me.
Sea Eagles – Nordland is known as the home of the sea eagle, so here we find the largest concentration of eagles in the world. These majestic birds of prey can have a wingspan of 2.5 meters, and could potentially pick me up and take me for a spin…
Trollfjord – Ah! The name itself makes this a must-see for me of course. There are not many places in Nordland that are as much visited as Trollfjord. Here stood the famous «Battle of Trollfjord» for little more than a hundred years ago. It was a battle between the fishermen in small rowing boats and owners in their steamers. The battle was later immortalized in Johan Bojer’s book «The Last Viking».
Last but not least, I must see the midnight sun. They will take me for a drive from Risvær Piers out to sea at the northern end of Lofoten. There we can see the midnight sun is at its best.
For booking, please click here: http://risvaerbrygger.no/?id=1953734075

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